Host your events online with venueless

Combine top-notch live streaming with powerful communication tools into a digital event experience that both your attendees and speakers will love.

virtual stage

Events are about communication in all directions

video stream camera

One to Many

High-quality video streams allow you to share live content with audiences of every size, in one or multiple digital event rooms.

three hands up

Many to One

Include your attendees through interactive Q&A sessions and active audience participation during and after talks.

video conference

Many to Many

Run workshops and support relationships between attendees by providing real-time video calls and text-based chat rooms.

Everything you need for your online event

Live streaming with integrated chat

Stream your talks and other content into multiple permanent rooms. Your attendees can lean back and enjoy your content without hassle. Engage with your audience during the streams with an integrated text chat.
You provide the content, we take care of the distribution.

venueless ui for watching streams

Q&A sections

Collect and moderate questions while speakers are giving talks. Avoid duplicate questions and let the audience vote on the most important ones.

venueless ui for submitting questions

Standalone chat rooms

Create official channels to communicate with your attendees, give speakers a place to talk to viewers after a stream has ended and let everyone create their own chat rooms to connect.

venueless ui for text chat rooms

Video group chat

Scheduled workshops, after-talk discussions with speakers, self-organized sessions between attendees or just relaxed conversations in small groups: face to face communication helps humans to connect.

venueless ui for video conferences

Keep sponsors in the loop

Create a digital exhibition hall where your sponsors can present information about their offerings – and allow interested attendees to directly get in touch with sponsors through direct messages.

venueless ui for sponsor pages

Seamless integration into existing event processes

venueless is great on its own, but works best as part of a powerful combination of open source event software


pretalx is your time-saving conference management system. Use pretalx to run a call for papers process, review submissions, communicate with speakers and easily create the schedule for your event. Then, smoothly integrate your schedule with venueless.


pretix is your flexible event ticketing system. Use pretix to sell access to your event directly on your website and with all the options you need. pretix can automatically grant access to venueless to your attendees to make sure everyone finds their way.


And yes: our source code is available, too.


Not sure what you need? Get in touch with us, we're happy to find the best solution together with you.

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PackagePure WorkshopPure LivestreamCombined EventCustom
Event durationup to 2 days
(up to 16h program time)
up to 2 days
(up to 16h program time)
up to 2 days
(up to 16h program time)
any duration
Live stream stages
(RTMP input provided by you)
1 included
(more on request)
1 included
(more on request)
any number
Video/Audio conferences
(capacity for 25-80 people depending on type of usage)
10 rooms included
(more on request)
10 rooms included
(more on request)
any number
Text-based chat roomsunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Direct Messagestext and videotext-based onlytext and videotext and video
Sponsor exhibitionnononoyes
Access controlusing pretix
or a list of links
or free for all
using pretix
or a list of links
or free for all
or custom system
Integrated schedule (optional)using pretalxusing pretalx
or custom content
Themingcolors & logocolors, logo and texts
or bring your own
Base package€ 499
(incl. 100 users)
€ 499
(incl. 100 users)
€ 799
(incl. 100 users)
on request
per additional 100 users€ 120€ 120€ 220

Business/institutional customers only. All prices plus VAT depending on your country of residence.